Ah, destruction

We started to bash up the hideous, much-hated cabinets from our ex-kitchen (well, more of a “kitchen” really) in the back bedroom. YAY. I haven’t flung any chunks out the window yet, but it will definitely happen. I really loathed trying to cook in there — it was a zero-bum kitchen, the kind in which […]

Grubby, but not crabby

The water heater is busted. Happily, though, it’s busted in a way that has not (has not yet, let’s not tempt fate) leaked water anywhere. Also happily, it’s a rental so it’s Somebody Else’s Problem. Unhappily, there are five people in the house at the moment — three large and two small — and we’d […]


Quotation of the Day for January 5, 2007: “I’ve been waist-deep in a dead hippopotamus, and I’d rather do that than change diapers.” – Eric Humphries, production manager at Skulls Unlimited International, on getting used to his line of work. The company claims to be the world’s leading supplier of bones, both human and animal, […]


Drywall! Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. Much progress in the bathroom: real, modern wiring (now mostly hidden); insulation (also now mostly hidden); plywood on the bits that will have wainscotting and greenboard on the bits that will show. And the window is new too. Not visible in the photo is the cementboard around the shower area. […]