On the flu and the choice to panic (or not)

I’ve been doing my best to restrain my usual cynicism about the hysterical media coverage of health issues in the case of the swine flu, as until quite recently there have been too many unknowns to do much other than shrug and say “we’ll see”. But it seems now that we do know some things: […]

Blueberries are #1

Study: Blue Skies for Blueberries In terms of area under production, blueberries rank as the number one fruit crop in the country. Blueberries officially surpassed apples in top spot in 1996. I don’t think I would have even guessed that blueberries were in the top 5, let alone bigger than apples.

In case you were wondering

Statscan’s gems for today: Fresh vegetable prices were down 10.8% in January. This situation is unusual for the month of January and represents only the second such reduction in the past 20 years. Lower prices for tomatoes (-33.1%) and “other fresh vegetables” (-2.6%) accounted for most of this decrease. Supply has picked up after the […]