Tue Jul 14, 2020


M tells us a long story about a friend snapping a shot of her brother falling over while skiing D: And so it was immortalized on film, huh? M: No, it was a picture. D: I’ll just go over here and feel old now.

An Ode to Popcorn

Among the detritus that came home at the end of the school year, I found M’s poetry notebook. They covered cinquains, rhyming couplets and odes. It is a brave teacher, I think, who is willing to venture into Ode territory with a class of grade 2/3/4’s. “I like M’s poetry,” said her teacher at one […]

To do

A to-do list I found on M’s floor today. I detect a nascent world domination plan here, which I suppose was inevitable given her genetic material. I’m intrigued by the possibilities of the “fake lightening machien” and the “bat machien” and I wonder what the stuffed horse robots are going to do with their remote-controlled […]