For my Dad

Me: Would you like me to turn the music off while you’re falling asleep honey, or what would you like me to put on? (We’re cottaging and if there’s music on, we’re all subjected to it.)

Child: How about that guy who talks along to the music, the one you and Grampa went to the concert of?

Me: Leonard? That’s very good music for sleeping.

Child: Yeah, he’s good.

1 thought on “For my Dad

  1. Maddy told me she listens to Leonard before she goes to sleep. Being a huge Cohen fan, I was most impressed:). I’m going to his concert in December here in t.o. A friend was lucky enough to be flown to Dublin in a private jet to see his concert there a few weeks ago! Funny story re. Scotia and Leonard. When she as a tyke, I’d listen to LC in the car. She piped up from the back seat, “That Eeyore, mommy?” Leonard can sound like the gloomiest one from the 100 Acre Woods on occasion:)

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