Fri May 29, 2020

Choose Privacy Week

(h/t to BoingBoing) Lovely video from the American Library Association about privacy, what it means to people, why we should worry about it, various (mostly American) legal issues, and why librarians are your friends. If you don’t have 20+ minutes to watch, start watching at about 19:30 for a good summary of pros, cons, the […]

The Annual Food Groups Collage

Starting in Senior Kindergarten, it seems to be traditional to send kids home with a badly-photocopied Canada Food Guide and some badly-photocopied grocery store sale flyers and assign a Food Groups Collage as homework. For SK, fine, this is more-or-less appropriate: you’re five years old. You can practice reading and cutting and sticking and since […]

Xkcd’s vision becomes reality

Wired points out that YouTube itself has installed a button to do exactly this: The placement of the button is interesting. It’s exactly where the post message button used to be, meaning quick commenters will discover it only when they accidentally click the new button. Hopefully they’ll do this with their speakers up at work. […]

Ow, my brain

Antimatter: does it fall up or down? Fascinating to think about, and now they’ve designed an experiment (download the PDF) which will, with luck, provide an answer. But reading the paper made something in my brain seize up, I think. (h/t to Slashdot)