I absentmindedly pick up and throw out loose elastic bands, thanks to my old cat Tigr, who ate them (elastic bands are not good for cats). I never leave Swiss Chalet undefended on the kitchen counter, thanks to our old cat Oliver who was a fierce, fierce predator of all things Swiss Chalet. I put […]

What IS that scary thing?

M: Daddy, what is that? D: It’s a tie. M: It is? D: I understand how you might not recognize it. I haven’t worn one since… uh… (We pause to consider this question. Someone’s wedding? Maybe? We can’t recall any recent funerals…) D: … well, I haven’t worn one for a long time. M: How […]

Because they can.

Quotation of the Day for September 24, 2008 “Why then, if not to steal food, would a cat go up on the counter? Why did George Mallory try to go up on Mount Everest, which was quite a lot more trouble? Because it is there. Because of the view from the kitchen window. To lick […]