It is not a “social graph”

Lately some of the more pretentious online folks have started calling those pretty pictures of how your Facebook profile (del.icio.us profile, LinkedIn profile, etc.) relates to other profiles a “social graph” instead of the previously-used “social network”. No, no, no. Graphs have variables. Networks have connections. What we have here are connections, not variables. There’s […]


I’m not much of a gamer. I’ve played various versions of Civ since about 1994, but not much else… the gunfire sounds in first-person shooters make me tense, and when I’m playing it’s not my desire to end up more tense. Still, seems to me it’s as good a way of spending time as any […]

I has a LOLcode

HAI I HAS A VAR ITZ 1 IM IN YR LOOP VISIBLE VAR IZ VAR BIGGER THAN 39 O RLY? YA RLY GTFO NO WAI UP VAR!!1 KTHX KTHX KTHXBYE (From here. Lolcode specs here.) Hmm, the code tag is malfunctioning. If it’s all left-justified to you, please pretend it’s properly indented.

Self-actualized pit viper

(A found poem, comprising titles from my spam) I. A certain tenseness could be sensed in the atmosphere of the household I have read your treatise–a very useful work, but stupid The man from the centre realised that he couldn’t draw blood there either, so he went back to the subject of the tung So […]

Code! and Resist!

I’m at DrupalCamp, surrounded by a sea of (other) MacBook-toting geeks. There’s a conference of Marxists using the same space. A while ago they came in and carried off a couple of our tables, which was a tricky moment for the DrupalCamp organizers: “Oh yeah. I’m going to go tell the guy who doesn’t believe […]

Death to spammers

Lately I’ve noticed a bunch of spam has come in with delete-receipt requests attached. Since most people’s email programs auto-process such requests, it’s an efficient and invisible way of marking live addresses for further spamming and/or sale. Sneaky! An old friend’s “death by spoon” concept could be applied to spammers with great public support, I […]