It’s Not About Greta.

I mean, Greta is great. She’s fearlessly speaking truth to power, and I agree with everything she says, including the ruder bits and the yelling. Ditto for Autumn Peltier, the teenage water activist, and so many others, although Greta’s getting most of the press right now. I hope they keep on keeping on. I’ve been […]

Dear publishers: No.

At dinner the other night a number of people were surprised to hear of the absurd phenomenon of digital (and DRM’d to boot) books being more expensive than print versions — not just paperbacks, but hardcovers. So here’s one example. This looks like an interesting book. A bunch of folks I know on Goodreads have […]

It’s not the headphones

Here we have an article exploring pedestrian-vehicle crashes “in which the pedestrian was using headphones“. Results There were 116 reports of death or injury of pedestrians wearing headphones. The majority of victims were male (68%) and under the age of 30 (67%). The majority of vehicles involved in the crashes were trains (55%), and 89% […]

The annual holiday health curmudgeon warning

Again it’s time for the holiday health curmudgeons to bleat at us, disregarding mental and emotional health and a warm feeling of togetherness and community in favour of carrot sticks and abstinence. This year they’d like us to tell our relatives they’re fat. ‘Tell loved ones they are overweight this Christmas’ Christmas may be a […]

The Two Kinds of Nonprofit Conferences

Today I was watching Twitter hashtags from two separate events. Both were notionally on a similar topic, but the difference in tone was striking and it clarified something for me. There are two kinds of events that nonprofits tend to have. In the first, a select or invited group of people who aren’t terribly conversant […]

Women don’t breastfeed? Here’s a thought —

— maybe hospitals should be nicer to midwives. I gave birth at Women’s College Hospital, and of all places I fully expected them to support my midwives. But they were unspeakably awful to them — rude, dismissive, demeaning, the whole gamut of bad behaviour. They topped it off by ignoring me (I was admitted unplanned, […]

December 6, 20 years on

Pamela Cross has already said everything I would say (and more) about this sad anniversary, so I’ll just point you to her post. Her post ends with a poem. I’ll also offer a poem, although not such an optimistic one. This one’s by Susan Griffin: An Answer to a Man’s Question, “What Can I Do […]