It’s not the headphones

Here we have an article exploring pedestrian-vehicle crashes “in which the pedestrian was using headphones“. Results There were 116 reports of death or injury of pedestrians wearing headphones. The majority of victims were male (68%) and under the age of 30 (67%). The majority of vehicles involved in the crashes were trains (55%), and 89% […]

M’s new bike

M’s new bike Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. She chose the red one over the white-and-pink one. I hold out hope that perhaps the pink phase might be nearing its end. Of course, finding a bell that matched the bike’s frame colour was THE most important thing. We spent some time practicing starts and stops at […]

Pantsless on the TTC

A silly but entertaining stunt/prank/bit of performance art/whatever from Improv in Toronto: the annual No Pants Subway Ride. Gotta love all the people in the background studiously ignoring the whole thing and just getting on with their day… SO Toronto. (No, I didn’t participate. -9C is a bit cold for my lizard blood.)

Hey, let’s make quiet cars louder!

No, no, no. This is just mad: Hybrid Cars Too Quiet For Pedestrian Safety? Add Engine Noise, Say Researchers Important pedestrian safety issues have emerged with the advent of hybrid and electric vehicles. These vehicles are relatively quiet—they do not emit the sounds pedestrians and bicyclists are accustomed to hearing as a vehicle approaches them […]

Drive: A road trip through our complicated affair with the automobile

Drive: A road trip through our complicated affair with the automobile by Tim Falconer Falconer talks about the history of automobiles, Detroit then and now, car culture, the quirks of traffic, urban sprawl, and much more, all structured around a long road trip of his own. Somehow he manages to treat all the various viewpoints […]


I always end up reading Outside magazine on airplanes. I compulsively buy it in airports. Is it just because airport newsstands have a terrible selection, forcing me to choose between Maxim and Today’s Bride before I finally spy Outside hiding behind a pillar? Maybe. There I am jammed tightly in a tin can with a […]

Unsafe driving behaviour and four wheel drive vehicles: observational study

A study done in London compared cellphone use and seatbelt use for normal cars and 4-wheel-drive behemoths. The results will surprise noone: Results Drivers of four wheel drive vehicles were more likely than drivers of other cars to be seen using hand held mobile phones (8.2% v 2.0%) and not complying with the law on […]