The most underwhelming “green” product possibly ever

This, my friends, is a Cadillac Escalade hybrid. “Green by design!”

It is still a car, likely to carry only one person and a box of kleenex from point A to point B.

It is still the size of a small moon, taking up an unreasonable share of common space.

It is only 25% more fuel-efficient than a normal Escalade — so it gets a rollicking 17-18mpg based on fuel-efficiency estimates from non-hybrid Escalades, vs. say a garden-variety Yaris at ~40mpg or a Civic Hybrid at 60mpg — and yet it is being marketed as “green”.

It costs about $100k, which buys a whole lot of very nice bicycles AND a Civic Hybrid should you find your life requires a car.

It is the most ridiculous thing I’ve seen in quite some time.