The Uncool, part 1 of many

New Year’s Eve, 4pm

M: Can I sleep over at [friend]’s tonight?

Me: Um, you don’t want to be here with us?

M: No. We’re cleaning [friend]’s stuffed animals. We found if you put soap on the stains and let it set, the stains come out with the soap when we wash them!

Me: That’s true, but it’s easier just to put them in the washing machine. We’re going to have cheese and crackers with everybody probably around 7:30, why don’t you drop by for that?

M: No, we just want to play in the basement.

Me: OK then. Have fun! Happy New Year!

M leaves

D: So, just to be clear about this — we’re less fun than laundry.

Me: Yep.

1 thought on “The Uncool, part 1 of many

  1. That is awesome. If you can contrive to be less interesting than actual *useful* household chores you might be on to something…

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