Finally some sun!

Frilly/spiky pink tulip Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. We’ve had a few hours of sun today (after serveral weeks of rain, and apparently before several more weeks of rain) so I finally had a chance to take a picture of these new tulips. I don’t remember their name but they’re quite fun — before they open […]


Lettuce! Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. It’s a blurry little green thing! Actually growing! There’s always such an unsatisfying lag between planting seeds and any obvious result. These lettuces were planted on Friday — five days ago — and already I was (quite unreasonably) getting all tappy-footed about it. Now I just have to wait for […]

Ah, spring

…or not. That’s a picture of my front garden as it appeared yesterday afternoon. The other day I was going through my photos looking for something else entirely and I happened across this picture (below) from March 13 2007: Note the lack of snow covering the garden. Note the beginnings of crocuses. Today is March […]


Last night when I went to bed, the maple tree out front of our house still had most of its leaves. This morning, not so much. The neighbour’s car was covered with a thick layer of leaves. The path, the lawn, the sidewalk and the street are pretty much indistinguishable. I suppose at some point […]

The season of Projects

Late summer and early fall are usually the season of Projects in our house. They’re usually of the preserving kind, although as always renovation projects elbow their way in as well. First up (June or July) is the strawberry-jam project, which is later followed by other berry jams and various peach projects (August), then grape […]

Animal, vegetable, miracle

Animal, vegetable, miracle: a year of food life by Barbara Kingsolver, with Steven L. Hopp and Camille Kingsolver. It’s a simple premise for an experiment: what does it look like to spend a year eating food you’ve either produced yourself or sourced locally? The Kingsolver/Hopp family certainly aren’t the only ones who have attempted this […]

My grandfather’s violets

My grandfather’s violets Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. A big pile of happy violets! This is part of the main clump in the garden, although the ones that made a break for it and took up residence in the middle of the lawn look pretty happy too. The garden has gone crazy this week. I plan […]


Crocus – March 27 Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. I have a nasty migraine, but when I saw crocuses blooming as the mailman dropped off a package I was compelled to head out into the sunshine to take pictures. Two minutes of bright light would be worth it, I thought. There I was outside in my […]

Winter garden

Winter garden Originally uploaded by morecoffeeplease. Tarragon and “oregano” (it’s probably some sort of extra-pungent thyme, but we’ve always treated it as oregano) from my grandfather’s garden in the foreground. The spiky red-barked bit at left is a dogwood originally purchased by P’s dad. A slightly melancholy scene…