In sorting through various papers last night I encountered my Master’s thesis. I re-read big chunks of it and you know? It’s pretty good. Huh. Still, I am glad I didn’t re-encounter it previously; 12 years’ distance seems about right.

In other news, M’s school has not revised their class-allocation process, which I can summarize by way of a conversation I had this morning with a staff person from our daycare as we all walked to the same place.

Her: … and now I just have to go find out what class J. is in.
Me: Oh, that bit where 500 kids and their parents and small siblings and dogs all squish into the very constrained space between the shortest wall of the school and the fence, trying to peer at 12-pt-font signs on the wall to get their kid in the right line-up and the whole thing is total chaos?
Her: Yeah, that.

M’s grade 2 class looks like a good bunch of kids and an entirely decent teacher. Obligatory first-day photo:

First day of grade 2

But the school drives me nuts. Why don’t you just email me a week ahead and tell me to which exit/entrance to deliver my kid instead of inflicting this stressful chaos, at the same time thus freeing up staff to help out folks who didn’t get the emails? Why the total lack of technology? I can’t even email her teachers. I can’t email the office to let them know will be late or absent. It’s all phone and bits of paper. SO inefficient.