Happy Introvert Day

The existing holidays are well and good, but they’re all missing something: time in which everyone else, no matter how beloved and non-intrusive, goes away and leaves one in blessed peace and silence.

Think about it. Valentine’s Day? About being with other people. Easter? ditto, but add even more sugar. Halloween? For the hordes. Christmas? New Year’s? etc.

It’s clear the extroverts have been in control of the holiday schedule.

I hereby declare January 2 to be Introvert Day. A day each person gets to spend deliciously alone, talking to nobody and reveling in a lack of human contact. Send the kids to daycare (unless they’re introverted kids who’ll enjoy their own day of hermitude), maybe skip the shower, buy yourself some excellent chocolate, dig into the pile of library books and relax those social impulses. Go for it. (I’d say “join me!” but that rather misses the point.)

4 thoughts on “Happy Introvert Day

  1. I fully endorse this holiday but I had to go to work and talk to people yesterday, so I’d like a do-over.

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