And so, 2008.

Some of us are not well suited to staying up late, so we hauled out the ginger ale and maraschino cherries and champagne flutes and celebrated New Year’s GMT* at 7pm our time. Having remote grandparents means that M has been well familiar with the concept of timezones for quite a while, so we didn’t have to clog up our celebrations with educational matters. M and the cats retired shortly thereafter.

The Veuve Cliquot made its appearance around 10:30, and we made it stretch until midnight and then conked out ourselves.

O, the excitement. But it is a fine thing to have a quiet night in our own house with an excited kid, sleepy cats, and good champagne.

* D pointed out that this made no sense, since the actual dateline is over on the other side of the world, but we decided to ignore that little bit of logic. We’re random; that’s fine. There were fawncy drinks with cherries and that’s all that mattered.