Book #24 – Microorganisms: From Smallpox to Lyme Disease

By Thomas D. Brock, ed.

My poor sick green-faced sproglet is finally sleeping, and since she’s in my bed(*) I’m trapped at my desk doing quiet things, so I’m choosing from among the books on the shelf above my desk. This book seems apropos.

Microorganisms is a good basic introductory text. Well-organized, decently written (more narrative/anecdote than usual for a science book) and with effective illustrations, it covers the last several hundred years’ thinking on this topic very efficiently. They even touch on biological weapons. Recommended for biology geeks and anyone wanting a solid background against which to assess things like anthrax threats.

*: a moment of risk and parental sacrifice: she’s quite barfy, and not very good at making the necessary run to the bathroom. This is more an unwitting sacrifice for D, I suppose, since she’s on his side (which is closer to the bathroom), but I’m the one home doing the laundry today, so.

2 thoughts on “Book #24 – Microorganisms: From Smallpox to Lyme Disease

  1. Aw, poor green bunny… I hope it passes quickly, and takes the foul temper with it. Big cuddle from me!

    And hope the bed sheets live through the experience unharmed…

  2. She’s actually very good when she’s sick, it’s the leadup to it that’s all foul-tempered.

    There are two sets of sheets in the dryer already (one of hers, one of ours), but there’s been no drama for almost 4 hours now so I’m hoping the worst is over!

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