It Gets Better

I’ve long had a lot of time for Dan Savage, low-bullshit un-shockable sex columnist and general sensible guy, but his latest project is really something I’d like everyone under the sun to both know about and spend an hour of their time with.

The It Gets Better Project is Dan’s attempt, through video, to convince LGBTTQetc. kids that life gets one hell of a lot better after high school and they should live to experience it. Suicide rates for LGBTTQetc. kids are appallingly high. The project was instigated by one particular suicide, but I don’t think Dan would discount any of the young lives who chose to end themselves so tragically. So, Dan has asked folks to post videos telling their own stories, under the general It Gets Better Theme. I’ve watched every single one that has been posted as of now and you know? The relief on every single face when they say “right after high school ends and you don’t have to see those people every day? It Gets Better. I promise” is both so affirming, and so simultaneously damning of the way we allow teenagers’ lives to unfold, that it’s an undeniable challenge to the apparently appalling status quo. Frankly I think any kid who’s having a bad time in middle school or high school will find immense value in this project, LGBTTQetc. or no.

Please spend an hour or two watching these videos. I’ll paste a selection of my own choosing below, beginning with Dan and his partner’s own video, but by the time I hit Post more will have been posted so see the project channel for full details and access to all current videos.

These are just a few that I’ve chosen to show. There are hundreds of others. Please give them your time, and please forward it to anyone you might know who might benefit from it, now or in future.