Twenty-seven things to do with trashed jeans

(OK, maybe only three. But it felt like twenty-seven since there was hand-sewing involved.)

M is hard on pants. At this point in the year every single pair will have a rip in at least one knee. I never bother fixing them particularly well, since she’ll have outgrown them by the fall anyway, but I do some nominal patching whenever the rips get indecent.

She had two pairs of identical jeans, one with massive rips in both knees, one ripped in only one knee. She’s low on shorts and the jeans still fit, so we decided to turn the more-trashed pair into shorts. After pinning them at a good length and cutting them several inches lower, I turned up a hem and stitched it down with the sewing machine. The thread is purple because I was too lazy to reload the machine with navy thread, but oh well, purple is M’s favourite colour right now anyway. Then I turned it up again and tacked it down by hand (grumbling only a bit) and added some little ribbon flower decorations for, as Olivia the pig would say, extra beauty.

Jean shorts - front

Jean shorts - back

I’m pleased with how they turned out. My theory is that they may withstand the summer.

Then I had two jean-legs left over. This is the less-destroyed one.

Destroyed jeans

A piece of the more-destroyed leg became a patch for the other pair of jeans. Again with the purple machine-sewed hem and the hand-applique (with more grumbling).

Repaired jeans

It’s totally noticeable, but they just have to last through the summer — camp, mucking about in barns, etc. — so who cares.

Repaired jeans

Then (having been called on to sew up a light flanellette skirt for M’s doll that same morning) it occurred to me that the leg of the jeans was probably about the right size for a doll skirt. I cut it off at an approximately suitable length, used the machine to sew a single rough hem and added a bit of elastic. Done! Pretty good for a five-minute project.

Jean-leg doll skirt

Sadly it’s a little too tight for Ms. Doll to wear while riding her horse, but she can wear it post-ride.

Amber models her skirt

And there endeth the jeans.