No training wheels

No training wheels

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I took the training wheels off M’s bike on the weekend. A single three-minute riding attempt that same day produced much fussing and wailing of IT’S IMPOSSIBLE and I’LL NEVER BE ABLE and all that sort of thing, but yesterday fifteen minutes on the school track did the trick. (Unsurprisingly.)

The bike itself is now clearly much too small. It was huge back when we bought it two years ago.

Children. They do grow, if you feed them and stuff.

2 thoughts on “No training wheels

  1. Nice! There’ll be no keeping up with her now. And it does look like you’ll be out bike-shopping very soon.

    We just bought a new bike for Jamie and switched AJ over to Jamie’s old bike (AJ’s first being a toy really, and very small – he actually got more use out of the Like-a-Bike).

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