Yay, I can finally mention the quilt!

I’ve been dying to talk about the quilt my Mom and I were making for my sister’s soon-to-arrive baby, and since it has reached its destination I can finally speak up. Here it is!

Baby quilt with bee motif

I embroidered the 16 squares, most of them with a bee motif and a few with stars. Mom sewed it all together. We had such fun making it — Mom and I both think the other had the bee idea and picked out the fabrics, but whatever, it turned out very nicely.

I discovered embroidery is the perfect thing for conference calls at work since it occupies my eyes and hands but not my brain. Otherwise I end up staring at the wall and zoning out, or doing my email and losing track of the call or something equally useless. I’ll have to find some small embroidery projects to keep in my office for future calls, since this one is all done!

I hope the baby likes it as much as Maddy likes the quilt Mom and my sister made for her when she was born. She still insists on having it tucked around her every night.

2 thoughts on “Yay, I can finally mention the quilt!

  1. The quilt is GORGEOUS, and the little bees are just the cutest things… I think my favourite is the little happy sleepy bee up in one of the corners. 🙂

    Not only is it amazing getting a gift that I know you and Mom worked so hard on, but it brings back really happy memories of sitting around at Prince Edward doing embroidery together (both in the sunroom — in the summer — and in the living room — in the winter).

    Baby will love it!

    PS. I bet you didn’t plan it this way, but it fits the crib *perfectly*…

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