First triangles


I left the big squares with the first triangles attached to them unpressed, so I could nest the seams once I decided on a layout. In the interest of randomness I decided to just figure out the nine blocks independently and then arrange them later. I was aiming for a mix of light and dark and, ideally, eight different fabrics in each block. Since I have more light than dark fabrics this couldn’t be perfect but it mostly worked.

Carson declined to move.

Blocks, with Carson helping
Carson declines to move

After pressing the triangle seams and sewing the blocks, it was time to do the final layout. I tried to mix up the fabrics but not obsessively — a pattern wouldn’t have been possible anyway given my earlier random fabric-matching decisions.

Quite often when I make things I plan very exactly what fabric will go where to make specific patterns so this randomness felt kind of too easy, somehow!

Lola helped with this part.

Layout and Lola
Lola declines to move

The centre lines of each block are still unpressed because I want to nest those seams as I sew the rows of blocks together, and I can’t do that until the second triangles have been added.