Bike route via the CN Tower elevator

The absolute best way to get from the Queen’s Quay bike lane to downtown (and vice versa) is via the well-hidden Skydome/CN Tower elevator, which is ride-in/ride-out for cyclists because of its two conveniently-located doors. Here’s how to find the thing.

First, here’s a map of the area:

Map of the elevator area

If you’re coming from the north, come down John Street. At the foot of John there’s a ramp up towards Skydome and the CN Tower. Go up it; the wheelchair/bike ramp is to the right (circled in the photo).
Cross the bridge over the train tracks
Bridge over the tracks
…and look for the building on the left (circled in the photo) just before you reach Skydome:
Elevator - top
Take the elevator down to level 1 then ride out to Bremner — see the photos below.

If you’re coming from the south (probably along the Queen’s Quay bike lane), turn north on Rees. Stay in the right-hand lane. Cross the expressway at the lights, head straight up the hill to Bremner, and turn right. About 100m later, just past the fountain, you’ll see a pedestrian crossing and some metal posts like this:
Turn off Bremner
Turn left through the posts and head towards the base of the CN Tower.
Approaching the elevator, #1
Approaching the elevator, #2
Go through the door (circled in the photo below) and take the elevator up to level 3.
Elevator - lower level doors

Then ride across the bridge over the tracks, down the access ramp to the left, and down the main ramp to the foot of John Street.