Why I wear a poppy

I’ve been rather depressed this week overhearing (in my office and elsewhere) a lot of “well, maybe when the old guys die off we can quit this Remembrance Day nonsense. I don’t support war, so I don’t wear a poppy.”

User Friendly nails it for me in this series of strips from this past week:

If WWI and WWII don’t do it for you and you need something more recent, perhaps contemplate Bosnia (you would prefer we left people to wipe each other out entirely?), Rwanda (ditto), Afghanistan (ditto, plus, you’d prefer the female half of the population to be violently oppressed?)…*

I don’t like war, or even the thought of war, either. But some things are worth fighting for.

* not to disregard those who served in Korea, Cyprus, or anywhere else we’ve sent them, either.