My hibernation outfit

Since it’s dropping below zero at night now and I’m preparing to go into hibernation for the winter, I’m on the lookout for appropriate sleepwear. And I have found it:

Footie PJs with drop seat

Built-in feet. Polar fleece. Basically, a vastly scaled-up version of a toddler’s sleeper. Perfect!

And see how happy they are with their steins of beer there? That’s because the jammies have a drop seat, so you don’t have to expose your entire self to freezing air every time you pee.

…Okay, the sexiness quotient is pretty far into the negatives, but you can’t have everything.

8 thoughts on “My hibernation outfit

  1. … (speechless)…

    I guess if you really never want to have sex, ever, ever, again, then they’d be great! 😉

  2. Well, it’s not like my zero-degrees-Kelvin toes (…legs, arms, nose, etc.) are a huge turn-on either…

  3. As someone who wears men’s cotton pj’s (with red boats!) as daily attire in the summer, these are right up my alley! Where can I buy a few? 🙂

  4. Just click the graphic to go to the shop (SnugAsABug, which is roughly in my neighbourhood)! They do, as Melanie points out, also have duck pattern… and many others.

  5. Wow, those look awesome. It probably helps that I’m freezing in my office but I think that these would be the best gift ever!

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