I have great friends

Quotation of the Day for November 9, 2009

“That same afternoon I was sitting on a stool in an intoxicated condition in Grogan’s licensed premises. Adjacent stools bore the forms of Brinsley and Kelly, my two true friends. The three of us were occupied in putting glasses of stout into the interior of our bodies and expressing by fine disputation the resulting sense of physical and mental well-being.”

– Flann O’Brien, from his novel At Swim-Two-Birds.

Yesterday I had the chance to see a whole bunch of people I haven’t seen in ages, along with a whole bunch of people I see often. We ate and drank and talked and laughed and generally had a lovely time.

Today I am smiling and, as the quote says, full of a sense of physical and mental well-being (despite a lack of stout and intoxication). It is a privilege to know all the people I know, even if I only see some of you every couple of decades, whether I saw you yesterday or ten years ago. Thank you, all of you.