Finished doll quilt

Finished doll quilt

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Don’t be too impressed; this quilt is only about the size of a large placemat and it’s made mostly from small scraps pilfered from my mom’s stash.

Still, it’s the first one I made all by my lonesome — my previous experience consisted solely of embroidering squares and then handing them over to my mom to do all the hard sewing parts — so I am pleased with myself. M’s doll Alice Rebecca is apparently very pleased with it too.

I used the Sew Mama Sew doll quilt sew-along tutorial plus a nice little book Visual Quick Tips Quilting, which had less inspirational but more practical photos of how to do some of the more confusing bits. Even so I totally made up a way of joining the ends of the binding, because all written and photographic instructions were completely cryptic. Maybe next time.

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  1. Nice to know that M thinks all babies in the family get quilts 🙂 What a nice tradition — I hope we can pass it on to the next generation as well!

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