Book #13: Outlander

by Diana Gabaldon

OutlanderOh, this is fun stuff. There’s nothing highbrow or pretentious about Diana Gabaldon’s stuff, it’s just good, light, gripping historical fun. There’s a time every once in a while when I spend an awful lot of time for a few consecutive days sitting about waiting in doctor’s offices, and these are perfect books for that sort of thing. That’s not meant to be negative or insulting at all; Gabaldon’s books are wonderfully entertaining. As with Patrick O’Brian’s books, once you’re a hundred pages into the first one you may as well just buy the rest and save yourself the bother of picking them up one at a time. Fortunately Outlander is the first of a six-book (so far) series, vs. O’Brian’s twenty-one, so it’s a good bit cheaper to indulge.

Who cares if you wait ninety minutes to see the doctor when you’ve got one of these books in your bag? Once I even let someone go ahead of me just so I could finish a chapter.