Neat Stuff from Elsewhere Mon Sep 09, 2013

  • School is no Place for a Reader « Canadian Notes & Queries:

    “Sequential levelled readers” are making their punctual way to the house in the backpack, one every week. The teacher leans forward and says, mysteriously, “There is a difference between decoding and comprehension. Perhaps she is decoding that book, but she isn’t comprehending it.” Raised fingers twitch around his words.

Shout out to the children’s librarians at Brentwood library who made many excellent book suggestions and eventually gently told me I might do better in the adult section.

And another shout out to my parents, who never limited my reading but who offered to read and discuss anything I wanted them to. I’m following their excellent example on this with M.

It’s good to read things that challenge, that you might not absolutely understand. Sometimes you need to let the language wash over you, take from it what you can, and come back some years later. How else can we learn? How else can we learn elegance?

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