Neat Stuff from Elsewhere Wed Aug 14, 2013

  • Tech is killing childhood – Salon.com
    Tech is killing childhood – Salon.com:

    Some of the worst, most passive writing I’ve yet seen on this topic. She makes it sound like parents can’t do a single thing to put boundaries around technology use.

    “I tell you, it feels overwhelming,” says a mother who used to look forward to the drive time as talk time but has seen it devolve into a futile exercise in screen censorship. “All of a sudden I’m driving and hear them in the backseat—they’re looking at YouTube and I think, What the heck? I mean, how much screening and censoring can a parent do?”

    Well, for a start, you can not take the screen into the car. Also you can not provide your children with Internet access you can’t supervise. I mean really, people. 

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